Many of us are finding that our journey brings us to a place of silence and meditation.   This seems to be an act of recovery as much as discovery, a return to ancient practices.  For some of us, this is a second-half-of-life journey away from traditions that served us well for the first half of our lives.

One of the joys of mysticism and meditative practices is walking the balance between embracing the best parts of our spiritual homes while finding new life through inter-faith experiences.  We at The Contemplace come out of Evangelical Christianity, and sense a rising interest in neglected practices from our rich history, but we hope their is relevance and dialogue here for people who come from a wide variety of faith backgrounds.

We are excited to offer you guided audio meditations here .  If you are looking for written exploration, resources, and discussion, please consider:

Quick Start Guide  Offers brief descriptions of various meditations that you might try with out much background, context, or fanfare.

Other Resources Lists a variety of books, websites, songs, and even apps that have been useful on my journey.  Perhaps they will be useful on yours.

Contemplations Is by far the largest section of this site.  This section features a list of blog-style posts that begin with observations and thoughts from my own experience.  Each of these conclude with a meditation you might give a try to.  Though I have a sense that these each might stand on their own, they are also interconnected.  If you’re in for the long haul, I think that reading them in order might be beneficial.

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You are divinely inspired. God-breathed: that’s what divinely inspired means.  People wonder, and argue, and get hung up on questions about what it means that the bible is divinely inspired.  I can understand why this is a conversation worth having. But I think it fades a little bit, when I consider the idea that  “the Lord God formed a … Continue reading Inspired!


I am. Nothing. But God’s love. And God’s love Crucifies. I am. Gasping. Panting. Filled to overflow. I am lifted up by my collar bones gently. Floating nowhere And also everywhere. I am Mostly, or atleast a little bit Sitting In my meditation chair. With outstretched arms embracing just everything. I am nothing. And yet … Continue reading I AM

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