I have been thinking about Kenosis, lately.

Kenosis is the idea that God poured his God-ness out in becoming Jesus.  It carries with it this idea of emptying, of giving up the things that  might be tempting to hold onto.

If I was God, and things weren’t going the way I wanted, I would remake reality the way I wanted it.  I suppose things would end up a bit like the Truman Show, where my own knuckle-headed tendencies would conspire with absolute power in a way that caused things to end poorly for everyone involved.

God, being way smarter than me, doesn’t wield his power.  He gives it up.

The thing I am noticing is that many of these religions, that seem to have discovered contemplative practices quite independently each other, all grapple with this same idea: that the way to be is to be open-handed, open-hearted.  Their is power in emptiness.

Meditation, then, isn’t just a God-like act in the ways it centers me, and in the ways it connects me to God.  Even if it didn’t do these things, the mere act of sitting to be, of choosing to create emptiness and engage in a letting go: these too, are the (non)actions of God.